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Advanced Analysis as a Service.
Upload your game footage, and receive an in-depth analysis within a week.
Upload your footage, and within 4 days, login to access a full in-depth analysis, tracking 62 different statistics and insights.
Players and coaches can login anytime and view in-depth stats on any game that has been uploaded to our site
Sign up as a League of Teams to lower costs per team, and enable us to look at team comparisons, top performers, player matchups, and more!
Ultimate Team Collaboration Platform.
Discuss tactics, create set plays, private message players, and more with GamePlan. Coming Soon!
Create, edit, and view all your teams' backline moves, lineout calls, gameplan, and more.
Annotation, and note taking features for players wanting to discuss tactics and collaborate.
Players aren't remembering what was discussed at training? With GamePlan, players have easy access to key discussion points from trainings, drills to complete at home, and more.
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